As I  wait for the New 2019 Year,

I wish you all, my dear Readers

many professional and personal successes; the closeness

of good people; reciprocity in love; forgiveness, and patience

in difficult times; peace in your heart; warmth in your home;

the health of your body and spirit; and many amazing moments

that will come together, adventure after adventure,

in the book of your life!





In love

with cherry blossoms

(though the world is not rosy

and dusty feet carry sadness of lost letters)

quiet love stands on the crossroad

words around


no frills no laces no ruffles


when the starless sky

falls on your head

a gray dawn opens a new door

to tomorrow and poems like roses

scattered on snow-white bedding

with hope






[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2018]


the heart will remember

when the senses are moved

by the sound of words… or silence

by the taste of tears on the hills of lips

by the smell of dew in the garden


the heart will remember

when the senses are moved

by the touch of the sun on my face

in one cool autumn day

without scarf I could stay


all transformed by the flame of romances


locked in drops lost in space

bits of poetry pearls

in a row one by one

if the heart could remember to smile…


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2018]


Before I wake up

(warmed up by charming melody)

let the day dance on my sleepy skin –

light and sonorous

like the pianist’s  fingers

(daisies and roses in melodious spin)


Before I wake up

(like a leaf in the spring)

by your breath brushed

with a magic wand –

let it fall on your temples eyes lips and



rain of sweet kisses – silver lacy chills …



[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]


I remember my hands stroking the stardust

limp dance steps on the border of night

I remember the touch the hope the past

your voice in the dark my face in the light


and in your eyes Orionids rain

as penetrating as winds of the coast

whispers of love – you covering my pain

with scarfs and with your faith utmost


magical were that night and those dreams

which to the pillow next to me flew

I recall in stars white lace of your tears –

and you – astonished – in dark shade of blue…



[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]



I’m waiting for you in the autumn leaves

in the moments of gold and red colored eves

in the dreamy droplets on grass fields and stones

on a carousel of laughter

in the fear zone


I’m waiting for you

like for dreams insomnia

like for spring fresh flowers

like for love euphoria


I am waiting possessed by the sweetness of fall

and I don’t remember don’t remember at all


and you – my dream my grey loneliness

you are in my shadow in my soft hands hidden

always with me by me in the rustling steps

counting my fussy thoughts

pouring evening smells

in my soul and my heart

neither one to resist


during this autumn dance

no shadow exists



[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]



I’m back after 850 km and 31 days of hiking (yes, I covered more ground than planned)! Soon I will post my journal from the Camino de Santiago – today I am posting just one autumn poem for your enjoyment…..

I missed writing, I missed my blog, I missed you…