The Mayan religion was Polytheist, and they worshiped more than 165 Gods. The Gods were human-like they were born, grew up and died. The Mayan religion believed that most people souls’ were vanquished to spend their afterlives in the underworld. The underworld was filled with evil Gods, represented as jaguars, the symbol of the night.
Only those who died at childbirth or were sacrificed would have escaped the underworld. Sacrifice was conducted using blood-letting (ritualized cutting) performed by the community, but run by the priest. The Mayans believed that every person had an animal companion who shared their soul. They were called, “Way’ ob”.
All of the pictures were taken in Mexico where I witnessed the performance.


Taniec rytualny dziewicy przeznaczonej na ofiarę dla bogów. The dance of a virgin destined for the death.img_20161126_214742


Poet Roses


Religia Majów była religią politeistyczną, czcili oni ponad 165 bogów. Bogowie ci byli podobni do ludzi – rodzili się, dorastali i umerali.  Według wierzeń Majów większość  dusz spędzać miała życie doczesne w podziemiach. Świat podziemny natomiast wypełniony był złymi bogami, reprezentowanymi przey jaguary, dzieci ciemności. Majowie wierzyli, że każda osoba posiada zwierzę za towarzysza a zwierz ten dzieli z nią duszę. Nazywano ich “Way’ ob”.

Tylko ci, którzy ginęli w czasie porodu lub którzy byli ofiarowani podczas religijnego obrzędu mogli uniknąć podziemia. Nic więc dziwnego że śmierć ofiarna ku czci bogom, uważana była za zaszczyt i wyróżnienie. Ofiary z ludzi dokonywane były rytualnym cięciem który doprowadzał do całkowitej utraty krwi.


Zdjęcia z pobytu w Meksyku gdzie byłam świadkiem tego rytualnego obrzędu.

[Fotografia © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]

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Stay – it is not too late


in the sleeves of my dreams


you are looking for innocent experience


like the wind that in passing

blew out

sleeping candles and

is amazed


Stay – it is not too late


to dream

our faces in the gold clouds

of stars

like happiness in the crowd


to be noticed – not far we are

from each other


you – the Sky I – the Sea of high tide waves


two ships with blue longing sails



[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]

We pass each other
we – shadows of unrequited love
with faces covered with sun-dust though night around

how many tears will fall to wash away the traces of the past
from the glass surface of that midnight lake
where we met for the first time –
both in love with the dance of sapphire stars

water in the shoes
slows down our course
how did it happen that yesterday
lingers only in a sound of braided words and in
lacy fog of memories covering our eyes – closed eyes

we pass each other
destined for togetherness
heroes of a tragic story
blind to the world
sick from the passion
as young as dawn
as old as time
ready to leave the rudder
of our life


[Poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]

Purple snow

And purple snow is falling down

on eyelids white and stars insomnia

as in the winter frozen sound

as in the summer rose’ euphoria


dull-faded petals shaped so fine

pressed in a corner of sub-conscience

steps of my words – words intertwined

with dreams I dream in pure distortion


thoughts hurt by hands cold unfamiliar

and still so far we are from sunset

when purple snow is falling down

the fire burns our souls and mindsets


don’t let me hide in winter shade

where ends the end of earth… and hope

cuddle my petals my heart sway

don’t let this passion ever stop…


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]

That fall


On lips of earth like on the dance floor

dances eccentric sluggish fall

drunk on the wind and for gold greedy

in June unwanted useless needy


dances and sings a song of sadness

clenches long fingers on lush harvest

bleeds on the green bitter-red tears

hot heart of summer taciturnly splits



[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]


I n f a t u a t i o n

I do not know how it happened I do not know when and how

I fell in love with the song of grass

I do not know why it happened with or against the time

I fell in love with the dance of grass

I do not know where it happened the heat wave through me passed

I fell in love with the poetry of grass

the poetry of grass

S e n s i t i v i t y  o f  a u t u m n

Falling leaves like rain from rainy clouds

heavy from too tender thoughts

hot summer memories





particles in the air

 cold sensitivity of autumn

[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]