Purple snow

And purple snow is falling down

on eyelids white and stars insomnia

as in the winter frozen sound

as in the summer rose’ euphoria


dull-faded petals shaped so fine

pressed in a corner of sub-conscience

steps of my words – words intertwined

with dreams I dream in pure distortion


thoughts hurt by hands cold unfamiliar

and still so far we are from sunset

when purple snow is falling down

the fire burns our souls and mindsets


don’t let me hide in winter shade

where ends the end of earth… and hope

cuddle my petals my heart sway

don’t let this passion ever stop…


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]


That fall


On lips of earth like on the dance floor

dances eccentric sluggish fall

drunk on the wind and for gold greedy

in June unwanted useless needy


dances and sings a song of sadness

clenches long fingers on lush harvest

bleeds on the green bitter-red tears

hot heart of summer taciturnly splits



[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]


I n f a t u a t i o n

I do not know how it happened I do not know when and how

I fell in love with the song of grass

I do not know why it happened with or against the time

I fell in love with the dance of grass

I do not know where it happened the heat wave through me passed

I fell in love with the poetry of grass

the poetry of grass

S e n s i t i v i t y  o f  a u t u m n

Falling leaves like rain from rainy clouds

heavy from too tender thoughts

hot summer memories





particles in the air

 cold sensitivity of autumn

[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]

Sunflower fields

Oh sunflower fields how beautiful you are

under the sky so blue in winds such tender arms

the smiles of earthly suns shine up – to make me see

the path from here to there from now to eternity

[poetry, photo © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]

My sunsets

I set like the sun when my dreams are pink
and my thoughts put their head on the pillow
when the wings of the lake embrace grey waves
and wind stops invading shaky silence

the stars drift like sails in the dark

  • the world is a sleepy island
  • drowsy from the beauty and touched by your song
    I set behind the memories of the day
    the sun sets behind me

[Poetry, photo © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]

Poet Roses

Zachodzę gdy mój sen ma kolor różowy

 a myśli same kładą głowy na poduszki

IMG_20160708_220245Gdy skrzydła jeziora otulają fale

wiatr nie przenika drżących szczelin ciszy


Gdy gwiazdy dryfując szukają przystani

jak żagle w ciemności  – świat jest senną wyspą


Znurzona pięknem i wzruszona tobą zachodzę

za wspomnienia minionego dnia

słońcem okryta

[Poezja, fot © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]

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life is


a lavender meadow

underfoot in the dance


swayed by

a melody of grass

until hearts are soft and jittery

the sky beneath me the sky above me

fingers on the rosary

your hope as fragile as glass

my love as



the past


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]


Four seasons

When you look at me my heart is on fire

under lashes sparks of violet and pink

you are water air sun wind to admire

trembling I breathe in the poetry of spring


when you look at me under skin wind dances

moved by the music of your passionate sight

white hearts of sweet daisies divine fragrances

trembling I hold on to hot summer nights


when you look at me the leaves of my sorrows

tethered in hopelessness fall to rock-hard ground

you’re the calm swayed by the rustles of roses

trembling I dance along the autumn’s lush sounds


when you look at me my uncertainty melts

snowflakes whirl – tiny jingles in warm carols’ tunes

winter turns into summer nights into days

love blooms like roses on white icy moons…


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]