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When you look at me my heart is on fire

under lashes sparks of violet and pink

you are water air sun wind to admire

trembling I breathe in the poetry of spring


when you look at me under skin wind dances

moved by the music of your passionate sight

white hearts of sweet daisies divine fragrances

trembling I hold on to hot summer nights


when you look at me the leaves of my sorrows

tethered in hopelessness fall to rock-hard ground

you’re the calm swayed by the rustles of roses

trembling I dance along the autumn’s lush sounds


when you look at me my uncertainty melts

snowflakes whirl – tiny jingles in warm carols’ tunes

winter turns into summer nights into days

love blooms like roses on white icy moons…


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]


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C re a t i o n

you spread sapphire like paper

casually drawing on the sky

curverd lines of my thoughts

then embed the song

of autumn birds

on the slopes of my dream

with dew you moisture silence

on the other side of words

like a painter you paint

my heart in pink


creating me and poetry


A u t u m n

wind lingers in bedding

of rustling leaves

day awakes with

clatter of trees


in the shadow of bare branches

not a bird but time perched –

with cold autumn

enter inside


“N”  l i k e  n a v y

the night tempts new hopes

nifty novelties nested

nostalgically in

nets of emotions

nighty sky naturally

nurtures the nerves


we are not to be found

in the stars


navy dust


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2015]

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