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Silent Christmas


How silent is when you sleep

under the eyelid of the world

o troubled Lord

a tear is born like a pearl steeled

by suffering and happiness

which is not pinkish-blue

but gray as the dusk of revival


how silent is when you sleep

in flimsy manger of our hearts

o troubled Lord

hay smells like bread and love

which we do not need to find

because it is discovered – the ice of indifference

like the floe melts in the sunshine


how silent is when you sleep

on the rim of the sky

o troubled Lord

the earth turns swaying your dreams

in the cradle of Angels feather –

like out of the pitchers full of great wine

sky pours a fate of the man


who walks through the earth unnoticed

until the end of the world …


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2015]


Truly wonderful Holiday Season to all my readers, colleagues, friends and family!


May the joy, goodness and love reign in your hearts and homes!


Merry Christmas!


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