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Where the earth opens its heart so deeply that it hurts

wrinkling hard skin

folding under the fingers of wind

shrinking in the arms of clouds




where the cities are so far away

that they almost don’t exist

sun obediently rests on the rocks

leaving behind the colors of the sunset

emerald-lake-canadian-rocky-mountains_shutterstock (1)


there the humans integrate with rocks

turning into silence

they submit to the majesty of Creator


they fear to shatter the heartbeat of the rock


[poetry, photos © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2015]


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What I find incredible and definitely most intriguing is Sedona’s night sky. I haven never seen such beautiful clear sky with the stars and constellations visible with a naked eye. The Sedona area has some of the best observing conditions in the United States due to virtually no light pollution, high altitude and over 300 dry clear nights each year.


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I dress in the violets to drench white in joy
warm mauve melts snow to pure nudity
striking from your wet lips petals of azure words
in deep weakness is born sensitivity

[foto, poezja © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2015]


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Last January, I created my personal Power Board to keep me motivated.

I let myself be inspired by people, situations, and things and by choice

I turned the 2014 into one AMAZING YEAR!!

I learned new things; I wrote many new poems (such as: Red and pink and Another shade of blue);

I discovered Zumba and Zumbatone – I danced like no one was watching and sung like no one was listening;

I met new people in real life (hello Agata, Tomek, Dinis, Dominika, Magda and Sylvek) and online (hello Agati, AlexVictor, Odys and  Wendell and many more);

I visited new places ( Montreal, QC, Ottawa, ON and Mont Tremblant, QC to name a few);

I read new books – in fact 198 books  – among other The power of nowDavid and GoliathR. Branstaetter Wiersze i Poematy;

I fell in love with Amour VertKenzo and Alfredo Shoes;

I moved up into management, developed my career, grew intellectually and spiritually;

I sailed, hiked, did horseback riding, I swam, ran, biked… I flew;

I became a mentor, I coached, I helped, I shared;

I even got a new kitten called Niko;

I was and still am thankful, I prayed, I listened;

I took time to smell the roses;

Yes – 2014 was a GREAT year!!

In 2015 I am reaching for the stars!

So, to always remember what is that will fill hours of my life

from January to December I created this:

2015 Power board (4)


Happiness is a choice, I believe.

Again, I am making a conscious decision

to stay positive and happy this year!

IMG_20150125_232216 2015 Power board (10) 2015 Power board (9)

I will change my life into an adventure,

I will travel to places I always wanted to.

I will aim high and dream big, I will touch to feel and feel to live.

I will write to express and express to make a difference.

I will love to inspire and inspire to grow…

2015 Power board

2015 Power board (2)

I will be always grateful – in fact – with the beginning of February

I am introducing a new blog called “EVERYDAY GRATITUDE“.

There, I will write about things, people and situations I am thankful for

(please…stay tuned).

Life is too short to complain over things we can`t control.

So – choose not to complain!

And if you let me – I will be that spark of joy for you!


[photos and art © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2015]

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