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Hello fellow bloggers

My new Blog Everyday Gratitude is now open for you to read, comment, share your ideas and thoughts or simply say “hello”.  Day by day I will bring you new stories from my life –  stories of gratitude.

We all have so much to be grateful for but sometimes forget how to be happy and thankful.

My goal is to help people re-focus their energy to the positive side of life. I will do that through posting as many Gratitude Stories as possible during the year to come.

I challenge you to reflect on your own life while being part of mine. Please share your stories of gratitude with the rest of the world!


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Last January, I created my personal Power Board to keep me motivated.

I let myself be inspired by people, situations, and things and by choice

I turned the 2014 into one AMAZING YEAR!!

I learned new things; I wrote many new poems (such as: Red and pink and Another shade of blue);

I discovered Zumba and Zumbatone – I danced like no one was watching and sung like no one was listening;

I met new people in real life (hello Agata, Tomek, Dinis, Dominika, Magda and Sylvek) and online (hello Agati, AlexVictor, Odys and  Wendell and many more);

I visited new places ( Montreal, QC, Ottawa, ON and Mont Tremblant, QC to name a few);

I read new books – in fact 198 books  – among other The power of nowDavid and GoliathR. Branstaetter Wiersze i Poematy;

I fell in love with Amour VertKenzo and Alfredo Shoes;

I moved up into management, developed my career, grew intellectually and spiritually;

I sailed, hiked, did horseback riding, I swam, ran, biked… I flew;

I became a mentor, I coached, I helped, I shared;

I even got a new kitten called Niko;

I was and still am thankful, I prayed, I listened;

I took time to smell the roses;

Yes – 2014 was a GREAT year!!

In 2015 I am reaching for the stars!

So, to always remember what is that will fill hours of my life

from January to December I created this:

2015 Power board (4)


Happiness is a choice, I believe.

Again, I am making a conscious decision

to stay positive and happy this year!

IMG_20150125_232216 2015 Power board (10) 2015 Power board (9)

I will change my life into an adventure,

I will travel to places I always wanted to.

I will aim high and dream big, I will touch to feel and feel to live.

I will write to express and express to make a difference.

I will love to inspire and inspire to grow…

2015 Power board

2015 Power board (2)

I will be always grateful – in fact – with the beginning of February

I am introducing a new blog called “EVERYDAY GRATITUDE“.

There, I will write about things, people and situations I am thankful for

(please…stay tuned).

Life is too short to complain over things we can`t control.

So – choose not to complain!

And if you let me – I will be that spark of joy for you!


[photos and art © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2015]

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When lighting the third candle on my Advent wreath I reflect on what I have done so far to stay focused on what really matters and to make this amazing time amazing for all… 

Give to the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked…  I am counting my blessings while sharing the wealth with those in needs.


Everyday things – big and small can make this moment better for someone ~ spreading the joy with simple smiles, holding the door for those behind, buying coffee for a stranger, visiting with friends long-not-seen, stopping in front of that beautiful Christmas tree by the legislative building to let your eyes fill with sparkling bubbles of joy…  

And then there was that message of hope given by people I don’t even know… I visited the Town of Bethlehem:




Herod and Rabbi – the first proud and power-obsessed, the second fearful and jealous – both in Advent of their times, waiting for Savior to give what they want. No time to think, no need to change… no need at all…




And busy people of the town spreading the news that King was born like daily rumor, trivial fact passed to the neighbors back and forth… 




And in the manger sweet teeny child, covered in simple woolly cloth offers his smiles to everyone, comes to bring hope to whole wide world… 


[photos, poetic prose © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2014]


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World sways. Tree brunches love this monotonous movement the most – movement from earth to heavens, from grass to stars.

Stars sway.  The bright lights over my head embrace and toss me in the same monotonous motion…


My thoughts, breaths and steps sway.

Sways time on the clock and pages of the calendar.

Sway words of lullabies, words-cry, words- laughter…


Wind penetrates everything sneaking leaves between dancing letters of my poems…

Leaves will stay with me through the winter. I will put them in bunches as I used to the flowers of spring.


World sways. I love when it sways but I am afraid I will fall of my feet.

One breath of the wind may lift me like a blade of grass and slide in an open book.

And, like leaves of my life between dancing letters of poems yet-to-be, I may become the end in a stranger’s story…


Malgosia Kobylinski, Leaves of my life, 2013



[photo, poetic prose © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2013]


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Shape of our souls


In the spark of candles your eyes glowed like two idyllic moons. 

I touched them with my hands, hungrily…touched your eyelashes, nose, curves of your cheeks.

Moving my fingers gently to your lips I trembled, feeling slight roughness of your skin.


Outside the window, summer was falling asleep covering hills and fields with gold, red and violet.

I saw it with the corner of my eye reflected in the glaze of your iris.  

The cry of departing birds swayed the air drawing invisible circles of sound on the sky.

The leaves in autumn colors, dressed like to the ball, danced.  The wind in distant trees played still jumpily, still cheerfully, still… 


And in the midst of that moment I felt that life for us was just getting started – in spite of ephemeral seasons, in spite of lofty change, sleepiness of the world, in spite of passing time…

I felt that our love will always have the same shape – the shape of our souls..

And your body will remain engraved in the lines of my palms..



[poetic prose © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2013]


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Spring meeting…


Spring awakens again!


Dreams, on their own, knot on threads and I fix them around my neck… I know I look pretty wearing them.

I met you in the spring for the first time. I had no idea who you were, where you came from, where you were going.

I did not even touch you with my imagination… still by a strange coincidence we met in the spring both confused and hurt… 

And just like the emerging grass penetrating frozen ground, our happiness developed gently piercing membranes of our hearts, awakening the joy as blue as my eyes… 

Trembling… oh trembling moments, swayed in the wind and sun!

Like on the swing you suddenly saw me in airy, light dress and you were dazed with delight.


In the spring I’m beautiful!


And your sight was green and full of intoxicating warmth that melted anxiety of my heart, the distrust and fear.


Yes, in the spring I’m beautiful for you… 


[poetic prose © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2013]


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