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Through the rain you carry me very gently

so that droplets don’t rouse me from my sleep

foggy thoughts – silver birds by the fountain

drizzly cloud over our heads rowdily weeps


in your arms hidden like in a shelter

I don’t resist you carrying me in that rain

but anxiety on two Holstein horses

entered galloping in my heart – joy and pain


with wings buried in the seams of your heart

like a wounded bird when chased by a cat –

please protect me from  storm thunderous bang

I don’t know when strengths will come again to fly


wind swirls over the world in senseless motion

heavy droplets through lost souls rush along

you dance with me – undisturbed by this commotion

and I can’t hear the roar of storm .. only sweet song


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2016]


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