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I’m waiting for you in the autumn leaves

in the moments of gold and red colored eves

in the dreamy droplets on grass fields and stones

on a carousel of laughter

in the fear zone


I’m waiting for you

like for dreams insomnia

like for spring fresh flowers

like for love euphoria


I am waiting possessed by the sweetness of fall

and I don’t remember don’t remember at all


and you – my dream my grey loneliness

you are in my shadow in my soft hands hidden

always with me by me in the rustling steps

counting my fussy thoughts

pouring evening smells

in my soul and my heart

neither one to resist


during this autumn dance

no shadow exists



[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]



I’m back after 850 km and 31 days of hiking (yes, I covered more ground than planned)! Soon I will post my journal from the Camino de Santiago – today I am posting just one autumn poem for your enjoyment…..

I missed writing, I missed my blog, I missed you…


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to stay


as a living part of Europe

in the air amazed by

the townspeople


their finely

 fills up space between

sea and sea


to stay


inscribed in the pages of history

with words and images

in the music of Paganini

and Monnet’s brush

on the shore of azure water

colorful like crayons

fragrant like lavender






[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2017]

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During my trip to Mexico, I had the opportunity to visit ancient Mayan settlement – Coba.
Coba means ‘waters stirred by the wind’. For many years Coba was an ignored piece of Mayan history due to its location. Located between Tulum in the state of Quintana Roo, and Valladolid in the state of Yucatan, archeologists first learned about the site in the mid 1800′s, but dense jungle, the Caste War and lack of funds made this site a difficult area to penetrate. This Mayan site is still largely unexcavated making it a true wonder in the Yucatan. Coba is not a single site but a large group of sites. The entire site spreads over more than 30 square miles or 80 square kilometers. Today, the ruins of Coba are connected to the central pyramid by over 16 Mayan ceremonial “white roads” (sacbéob). More than 50 sacbéob have been discovered within the Coba settlement but only 16 remains open to the public. The longest sacbe (white road) runs over 100 kilometers westwards to the site of Yaxuna near Chichen Itza.

Poet Roses

Podczas mojej podróży po Meksyku odwiedziłam starożytną osadę Majów – Coba.

Coba oznacza “wody wiatrem kołysane”  i jest położona między Tulum w stanie Quintana Roo, i Valladolid w stanie Yucatan.  Otoczają ją dwie duże laguny. Coba rozciąga się na ponad 80 kilometrach kwadratowych.

Archeolodzy pierwszy raz dowiedzieli się o tym miejscu w połowie 1800 roku, ale gęsta dżungla, wojny kast i brak funduszy znacznie opóźniły penetrację tego  terenu.  Coba zamieszkiwana była przez ludność rolniczą. Dzięki urodzajnej ziemi i doskonałemu położeniu na szlakach handlowych z dostępem do morza, Coba kwitła i rozrastała się bardzo prędko.  Jej zaludnienie zwiększyło się do 50,000 mieszkańców pomiędzy 600 AD a 900 AD.

Ponad pięćdziesiąt ceremonialnych “białych dróg” (sacbéob) odkryto na terenie Coba.  Dziś jedynie szesnaście jest otwartach dla turystów i prowadzi do centralnego punktu – piramidy Nohoch Mul. Najdłuższy Sacbe ma ponad 100 kilometrów (62 mil) na zachód do miejsca Yaxuna niedaleko Chichen Itza.

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At sea of stars blue souls like boats

born of a sea foam (Aphrodite)

sail on each one dense with fog

rocked by a song charming yet mighty


when heaven plaits the down with earth

and cockpits bow their heads in sunlight

islands of bliss – two hearts one breath

are gaged by force to reunite


under red sky gilt thunder storm

wave battling wave on field of sea

heaven and earth sharing half-half

two lonely moments – doves set free


drop after drop wistful dream

poured over shore with sacred chime

follow oh sailor your heart’s call

it’s time to go back home it’s time …


[poetry © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2015]

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Where the earth opens its heart so deeply that it hurts

wrinkling hard skin

folding under the fingers of wind

shrinking in the arms of clouds




where the cities are so far away

that they almost don’t exist

sun obediently rests on the rocks

leaving behind the colors of the sunset

emerald-lake-canadian-rocky-mountains_shutterstock (1)


there the humans integrate with rocks

turning into silence

they submit to the majesty of Creator


they fear to shatter the heartbeat of the rock


[poetry, photos © Malgosia Kobylinski, 2015]

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I love adventures – they come in many shapes and colors

This time I landed in New York!

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